• API Documentation

Our API is very easy and straightforward to use. Asymetrex makes use of both private and public methods. The public methods consist of GET POST requests, while private are composed of POST. All of the requests are made through.

URL - https://asymetrex.com/api

General Server Information (GET)

Returns general information about the exchange:

Version: Current Exchange Version

Timestamp: Floating-point Precision

Volume: BTC Volume

URL - https://asymetrex.com/api

Currency List (GET)

Returns a list of all the coins on the exchange, including their ticker.

URL - https://asymetrex.com/api/currency_list

Ticker Information (GET)

Receive information about a specific ticker (e.g. ltcbtc).

URL - https://asymetrex.com/api/tickers/TICKER

Ticker List (GET)

Returns a list of all the tickers currently on the exchange.

URL - https://asymetrex.com/api/tickers

Market Trades (GET)

Shows the market trades for a given market. The limit parameter is optional and regulates length of the array.

URL - https://asymetrex.com/api/trades?market=MARKET&limit=LIMIT

Market Depth (GET)

Shows info about the market depth.

URL - https://asymetrex.com/api/depth?market=MARKET

Order Book (GET)

Returns a list of the order book. asks_limit and bids_limit parameters are optional.

URL - https://asymetrex.com/api/order_book?market=MARKET&bids_limit=BIDS_LIMIT&asks_limit=ASKS_LIMIT

K Line (GET)

Returns a list of all the graph data for a given market.

URL - https://asymetrex.com/api/k?market=MARKET&limit=LIMIT&period=PERIOD