The following outlines the listing policy for Asymetrex. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Asymetrex Listing Policy

  1. Asymetrex reserves the right to deny any application, with or without reason.

  2. The payment of a fee, called the listing fee by Asymetrex, does not mean your project has been accepted for a listing, your listing my be denied at anytime.

  3. The 10% of the listing fee paid Asymetrex is a processing fee, this processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and if your request is denied, will be deducted from your listing fee refund.

  4. Asymetrex will not list any securities, or projects that break any laws or may cause the Asymetrex brand harm, by the use of concerning practices, resentment from the community at large, or the like.

  5. Once the listing fee has been paid, the transaction is final and is non-refundable.

  6. Any project listed on Asymetrex will be subject to a review by the Asymetrex team every 3-6 Months. The Asymetrex Team will decide after the review whether to delist the coin or maintain the listing.
The following outlines the delisting policy for Asymetrex. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Asymetrex Delisting Policy

Asymetrex reserves the right to delist a coin with, or without explicit reasoning. However, in most instances the following outlines a list of possible reasons that may result in a coin being delisted:

  1. The project has been abandoned, and/or is no longer being properly maintained.

  2. There is a problem with the coin's daemon (constant crashes, unreliability, high disk usage, high CPU/RAM usage, memory leaks, etc.)

  3. The developer does not explicitly point out updates to the source code.

  4. The community displays resentment/dislike/concerns regarding your project and/or your project negatively impacts the image of Asymetrex.

  5. There is no way to communicate with the developer.

  6. If a project is labeled Delisting users will have 30 days to remove their coins from Asymetrex, Any coins not removed after the 30 Day Grace period will be forfeited to Asymetrex.